NEW EarlyON Resources

EYET EarlyON is pleased to announce our new EarlyON Read Along Story Time! These pre recorded videos are perfect for your little ones to follow along and hear a story. If you have the book your little one can read along with the video, or just sit back and enjoy a great story!.

We are launching with two wonderful books.

First is Corduroy a children’s classic. The book tells the story of a teddy bear named Corduroy, displayed on a toy shelf in a department store. One day, a young girl named Lisa arrives at the store with her mother and spots the bear. She is eager to buy him, but her mother refuses to spend more money and notices a button is missing from his overalls. Corduroy is written and illustrated by Don Freeman. Viking Press is the publisher of Corduroy. Narration by EYET EarlyON Staff.

The second Read Along Story Time is Happy in Our Skin. This beautiful book celebrates how ingenious skin is – when you fall, your skin will seal itself with a scab and heal underneath, for instance – and how personal and unique it is to all of us, with dimples, birthmarks and freckles, as well as a huge spectrum of shade and colour. Happy in Our Skin is written by Fran Manushkin, illustrated by Lauren Tobia and published by Candlewick Press. Narration by EYET EarlyON Staff.

You can always find these exciting resources on the EarlyON Page by Clicking Here, or on our Instagram or Facebook Group!