Newcomer Programs

Ready for School Connects

If you are preparing for your child’s very first school experience, the Ready for School Connects (RfSC) program provides the tools and resources for a smooth transition to kindergarten, for newcomer parents and their children.

The program is delivered in two-week sessions, usually throughout the summer and includes topics such as:

  • Understanding how the Canadian school system works and how to be a part of it
  • Child development
  • How to help your children achieve success
  • Connecting to other community-based programs and activities
  • Where to go if your child experiences difficulties and needs additional supports

A key component of the program is that it provides an opportunity for both you and your child to experience what a real, live classroom is like.

The program is offered by EYET in several schools throughout July and August, with registration opening in February, during Kindergarten registration.

Registration Requirements:

  • Been in Canada less than 5 years
  • Children 5 years of age who are enrolled in kindergarten at a site where we will be delivering the program.

How to contact us:

Phone:            416-686-3390 ext. 9788

Parent Connection Networks

If you are a new parent in the neighbourhood or a newcomer parent who is interested in connecting with other parents in the community, the Parent Connection Network (PCN) Program offers opportunities to participate in workshops and discuss shared issues, with each other.

The program discusses topics that you want to talk about and/or get support about, such as civic engagement, dental and healthcare, child protection laws, employment and housing supports.

EYET also focuses on building a sense of familiarity with your own neighborhood, through community walks, referrals and guest speakers.

The program is offered by EYET in several neighbourhoods in the East York and East Toronto area.

Click here to go to our program calendar to see where the program is being delivered in your neighborhood and when the next session is. CLICK HERE to register for our upcoming October – November 2021.

How to contact us:

Phone:             416-686-3390 ext. 9782


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