EarlyON Outdoor In-Person Programming

With Health and Safety in mind, there have been a few changes to how our outdoor programs will operate. Each member of your family who plans on attending outdoor programming must pre-register; this includes parents/caregivers and infants. The names on the registration must match the names of the individuals who are attending the program. To ensure that everyone can join us, you must pre-register for each program on each day of the offer. Families must complete a COVID-19 screening.  For the check-in station to move quickly, we ask that you the ticket on your mobile device, if possible. We ask that you sign up for up to one program per week to ensure that all families have a chance to participate as room is very limited!

Want to see how to register before you start? Watch the video below:

Small-Group Playtime – Small-Group Playtime provides outdoor play in a smaller group setting for children whose needs may require additional support. 

Dentonia Park Outdoor Active Play

Friday              October 29                  9:30 – 11:30 AM         Register Here

EYET has developed a complete health and safety Re-opening Policy on COVID-19 and can be found here.

The following is the EarlyON Child and Family Outdoor Code of Conduct thatoutlines how we will work together to ensure that everyone is safe while participating in EYET EarlyON programming:

  • Pre-registration: must be registered to attend.  Follow online pre-registration requirements and attend programming according to the date and time of the scheduled activity
  • Hand Disinfecting: sanitize hands upon arrival/departure from the program location and after using the attendance record.  Hand sanitizer will be made available at all times.
  • Screening: expect to be screened prior to entering the play area following protocols for screening
  • Physical Distancing: maintain physical distance of 2 metres apart from others at all times
  • Use of Face Mask:  adult participants must wear a face mask or face covering.  An exception to mask-wearing may be granted to parents/caregivers, for outdoor programming only, provided physical distancing of greater than two metres can be consistently maintained at all times.   All children (aged 2 years and older) will be encouraged to wear a non-medical mask or face covering when engaged in outdoor programming.
  • Hand Washing:  wash your hands frequently with soap and water, when available. In the park we will have hand sanitizer (70%-90% alcohol concentration) and we encourage you to use it if your hands are not visibly soiled, after covering a cough or a sneeze, before and after eating food and after using the washroom.
  • Outdoor Equipment: parent/caregivers must follow protocols for the use of outdoor equipment, as required by the EarlyON staff and includes washing or sanitizing hands often and after using any outdoor play equipment.  Please place used or mouthed toys in the disinfecting bin.
  • Food and Drinks:  Snack will be served in individual portions.  Sharing food among participants is not allowed.  Water bottles must be labeled.