Community Conversation

Preparing for a Post-Pandemic Workplace: A Conversation for Managers and Administrators 

The longevity of the COVID-19 pandemic means that over the past 18 months, our organizations, staff, and clients had to quickly pivot, adapt and adjust to new and innovative approaches to service provision, operations, and management.  

As we look towards a post-pandemic future, organizational leadership must anticipate re-opening their doors to service users, navigate the potential of welcoming staff back into physical spaces, and making operational decisions about significant changes to workplace culture and operations that will come from this experience.  

As new trends in organizational structures are emerging from this global experience, what should leadership consider, and how can they best prepare?  

Join EYET as we facilitate a conversation specific to decision-makers in the Housing Sector to share ideas and strategize best practices for prioritizing safety and adapting organizational structures in offering services to the community.  

This conversation will ask: 

  • Are organizations preparing for a return to a physical workplace? Continuing remote service provision? Or a mixture of both?  
  • How are we shifting our physical spaces to accommodate a return to the office? And what kinds of COVID-19 protocols will be in place?  
  • How will we continue to support workers working remotely? What tools exist to support remote work?   
  • What will client interactions look like moving forward?  

Event Details 

Date: Thursday August 19th,  2021

This is a virtual event taking place on Zoom. Click any one of the following sessions to register. Limited spots are available.  

Session I : 10:30 am. – 12:00 pm. Click here for Registration

Session II: 1:30 pm. – 3:00 pm. Click here for Registration

Registered participants will gain access to the event via a “Join” link (Zoom is compatible with PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone or Android devices).

For more information contact: Savhanna Wilson, Program Supervisor at