Community Conversation: Aging in Place

EYET’s Community Conversation: Aging in Place.

Featuring the Steering Committee on Aging in Place, Toronto  

People living with mental illness and addictions have complex health and social needs, are at higher risk of experiencing poverty, homelessness, and housing instability, and are at a higher risk of experiencing the effects of aging prematurely. People aging prematurely – individuals at any age who are demonstrating health conditions of someone sixty-five or older.  They are unable to access supports and services, including supportive housing, that is reserved for seniors in the community. How can housing professionals better support the unique housing needs of a prematurely aging population to keep them housed at their current housing arrangement? 

In 2019, the Aging in Place Project, funded by Houselink and Mainstay Community Housing and supported by the Aging in Place multi-stakeholder Steering Committee, produced Aging in Place: Current and Emerging Needs of a Vulnerable Population.  

During this Community Conversation, EYET and members of the Aging in Place Steering Committee will speak to key findings from that report, identify some of the unique needs of an early aging population, and offer some insights into the systemic barriers to housing stability that are faced by this community.  

Using facilitated small-group conversations, housing professionals can connect to discuss strategies they and their organizations use to support clients who are aging prematurely, identify and share resources and referrals that are helpful for this population, and identify challenges to housing stability for an early aging population.  

We will collaboratively discuss: 

Our conversation will touch on the following subjects: Housing stabilization, eviction prevention, resources, services, system changes, supports. 

The following questions will guide our conversation: 

  1. What challenges have you experienced related to premature aging when supporting your clients in housing? How have you managed these challenges?  
  2. What resources are helpful for you? What would be helpful that is missing? 
  3. What change would be required to support your work with individuals showing early signs of aging? What system changes would be required to support your work with people?

Event Details 

Date: Thursday September 15th,  2021

Time: 1:00 p.m. – 2:30 p.m. Click here for Registration

This is a virtual event taking place on Zoom. Click any one of the following sessions to register. Limited spots are available.  

Registered participants will gain access to the event via a “Join” link (Zoom is compatible with PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone or Android devices).

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