Community Conversation:

EYET’s Community Conversation: Exploring challenges and barriers for LGBTQ+ Newcomers  

Have you ever encountered a situation with a service user where you did not feel equipped to address their needs? What was standing the way of you offering that service? When working with LGBTQ+ Newcomers, learning more about the unique challenges and barriers experienced by this population is important and may help to cater services accordingly. 

In 2021, Access Alliance Multicultural Health & Community Services published Beyond Positive Intentions, a report for the support and social services sector with the purpose of advancing well-being and equity for LGBTQ+ Newcomers. They found that well-being for this population demands social justice – dismantling systems of exclusion and denial, to enable their safety and security. 

During this Community Conversation, we have invited Access Alliance Multicultural Health & Community Services to speak about key findings from their report that include addressing both systemic and service barriers for this population in their recommendations. 

Using facilitated small-group conversations, housing professionals will expand this conversation to include strategies they and their organizations can use to support LGBTQ+ Newcomers, identify and share resources that are helpful for this population, and identify ways to support housing stability for LGBTQ+ Newcomers. 

We will collaboratively discuss: 

  1. What are some of the challenges and barriers you have encountered when supporting LGBTQ+ Newcomers and their housing goals? 
  2. What can you or your place of work do to ensure safe and inclusive places for all service users (including LGBTQ+ Newcomers)? 
  3. How can we do a better job of partnering with settlement and newcomer-serving agencies within our services? 

Join EYET and Access Alliance as we facilitate this community conversation. If you are interested in learning more about the Access Alliance research project, including access to the full report, visit the project’s website here

Date / Time: Wednesday April 27, 2022; 1:30 pm to 3:00 pm 

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