Landlord Engagement Network

EYET’s Landlord Engagement Network for Eviction Prevention will be hosting a virtual workshop on Community Mediation and Conflict Management in Housing Service

When you are frustrated by a situation, communication can feel challenging. Learn how to express your needs, establish boundaries, and resolve conflict with others. This workshop is designed for Housing Professionals, Tenants and Landlords to develop some beginning skills in how to manage escalating situations in order to have difficult conversations productively.  Participants should leave this workshop understanding the dynamics of conflict, and how to approach or respond to triggering situations in order to find resolutions that everyone can live with.

Join EYET as we invite Catherine Feldman Axford, Coordinator of Community Mediation at Conflict Resolution & Training to support our understanding about community mediation and conflict management

Guest Presenter Information: 

Catherine Feldman Axford has been mediating conflict in the community for over 25 years.  She studied with some of the founders of community mediation in Toronto, and a leader in community mediation start-ups.  Having studied intercultural conflict, Restorative Justice, and managing workplace disputes; Catherine has mediated many neighbour disputes, intercultural situations, landlord and tenant disagreements, employer/employee matters and familial concerns. Disputes have ranged from one to one, through to group processes. She has been involved in resolving Community, Private Information Court, Police Complaints, and Victim Offender Reconciliation matters.  Catherine presents to youth and adults relating to managing conflict more constructively. She trains mediators in Transformative Community Mediation and Restorative Justice, and has presented at various conferences and college and university programs, school boards, and police services on the value of alternative dispute resolution. Catherine has been involved in community development within the context of social housing; working interculturally across generations, and with socially devalued populations. She has explored many avenues to alternative communication, ensuring that even the quietest voice is heard.

Event Details:

Date / Time: Wednesday, May 04, 2:00 – 3:00 pm

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