Forum Terms of Service

Forum Terms of Service


This forum is strictly moderated. Messages express the views of their authors, not of the operator of We are not responsible for the content of any message. Do not post copyrighted material. Anything close to spam will be deleted and we might inform your ISP.

Only one screen name is permitted per user. Your screen name may not be your email, business name or your profession, this would be advertising, and is forbidden. Screen names must not be racist, vulgar or inappropriate in any way. The Moderators and Administrators have final say in what is or is not appropriate.

Do not post the same message to multiple forums, this is cross-posting and multiple posts will be removed.

Thread titles should be descriptive. Vague titles may be changed to match the content of the thread.

Free housing listings available: They are only to be used by individuals, no commercial firms. No ads of any sort in other forums.

Be civil, no personal attacks, flaming, or insults. We may attack ideas (politely) but we do not attack the speaker of the idea. Be careful with your words, there is a point where being direct crosses a line into blunt, in-your-face hostility. Please, report bad posts instead of engaging in flame wars on the boards. Insulting another member or a moderator will not be tolerated anywhere on this website. This includes Direct Messages and Reputation Comments.

If you disagree with something, say so, but explain WHY.

Stay on topic. Attempts to hi-jack threads by switching topics or going off topic will be deleted and infractions issued. This is not a chat room – when people hi-jack threads by posting messages that are of interest to only few people, the threads often stop being useful discussions of initial topics.

Hate speech, racism or bashing of ANY sort will NOT be tolerated. Rude posts will be removed and infractions issued. Do not quote or talk to trolls or your posts will also be deleted. Use the report feature instead.

“Trolling” is prohibited.

“Outing” users by revealing their address, phone number, or other information that they didn’t themselves share on our forum is prohibited.

English is the only language to be used this board, use translation software if needed.

Our opinions on a location or issue are just that, opinions. Highly subjective. Personal preferences. Quirks, even. Leave wiggle room for dialogue, others may not see things the same as you, or been there as long as you, and any one of us can be wrong. Pouncing on someone you disagree with runs contrary to the spirit of this board and its members. We are here to help each other.

Please use the Search this Forum tool to find info you need, as much has already been written about schools, jobs, weather, crime, prices, rentals, walkability and other aspects of a location. If you don’t find it, please sign in and ask your questions. New users should use the Search this Forum tool before posting a question that may have already been answered. Let us know that you have searched the forums, so we don’t assume otherwise.

All posts unrelated to local matters will be deleted or moved. Threads dealing with controversial topics that often degenerate into flame wars, such as politics or religion, may be moved, closed, or deleted by moderators at their discretion without any warning to the participants.

Avoid hot-linking to images on other servers if you are not sure that the server’s owner allows it. After you post your message, you lose all control over how a hot-linked image looks, and old threads get a lot of views on this forum.

Copyrighted Material – Instead of copying-and-pasting articles, photos, or other material you find on the Internet, you should be posting links to those articles. Posting a snippet from the article and then the link is the appropriate way to post. Repeat copyright infringers may have their account terminated and their access to the Site and any Services revoked.

It is a bad idea to post your email address or to make it public without scrambling it somehow – there are web crawlers gathering email address for spammers.

Discussing moderator actions (deleting/moving/editing threads or posts) is not allowed in the public forums. General concerns should be addressed in About the Forum. Any particular issues will only be dealt with in Direct Messages sent to a local moderator. All complaints should be sent via DM to the senior moderators, Yac or Marka.

No “I’m leaving” messages.

Recommendations are allowed for posters that have at least 10 posts. One cannot recommend himself/herself. The only area where recommendations are not permitted is real estate, however general responses, such as “we have many helpful and knowledgeable real estate agents on this forum – just DM them” are fine.

Do not post in your thread (“bumping” it) just to have it appear on the top of the forum.

Once you create your account, you will not be able to delete it or delete your posts.

Signatures are disabled. Do not include “manual” signatures in your posts. You can put a lot of information in your profile instead.

Legal matters (there is also the agreement you agreed to at registration):
Although the administrators and moderators of forum will attempt to keep all objectionable messages off this forum, it is impossible for us to review all messages. All messages express the views of the author, and neither the owners of forum will be held responsible for the content of any message.

You warrant that you will not post any messages that are obscene, vulgar, sexually-oriented, hateful, threatening, or otherwise violative of any laws.

The owners of forum reserve the right to remove, edit, move or close any thread for any reason.

The owners of forum reserve the right to ban any user from access to this website for any reason.

You must be 16 years of age or older to register.

By registering and posting on Forums you grant owners of forum a perpetual, royalty-free, non-exclusive right to license, use, modify, or publish your posts in any media and manner whatsoever. has not reviewed the all the posts and the views expressed therein are those of the posters and do not necessarily reflect those of or its partners. assumes no responsibility for the posts or the information contained therein, nor do they make any claims, promises or guarantees about the accuracy, suitability or completeness of any of the information in the posts. Use the advice and information provided at your own risk.

You agree that you are solely responsible for anything you post on the Forum and you agree to indemnify and hold harmless, its owners and employees with respect to any claims based upon your posts/submissions.

We may modify or terminate our services from time to time, for any reason, and without notice, including the right to terminate with or without notice, without liability to you, any other user or any third party. We reserve the right to modify these Terms of Service from time to time without notice.

You agree that Terms of Service represent a binding agreement between us regarding your use of and supersedes all previous and contemporaneous oral or written agreements regarding your use of We may discontinue or change , or its availability to you, at any time. You agree that of Service, as well as any and all claims arising from them and from your use of will be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Ontario, Canada.

Enjoy the forums! Forum Team

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