Toronto Homelessness Workspace


Welcome to the Workspace!  This is a collaborative community space to share the latest news, training, or resources focusing on homelessness in Toronto.  We also host a moderated space for shared discussion about current issues and ideas that will positively contribute to the prevention and/or reduction of homelessness in Toronto, from a Toronto perspective.

Through your active participation in this Workspace you can learn about and directly contribute to wider homelessness reduction initiatives in Toronto.   Please visit our News and Resources pages for the latest in housing-related news and useful tools or resources.

Want to virtually share and collaborate with others on various housing and homelessness topics?  Our new Community Forum offers a subscriber-based moderated space for anyone working on housing or homelessness concerns to post questions, share information and work on ideas or solutions to homelessness that will achieve better outcomes for all.

Our Training and Events area provides the latest information on EYET’s current training certificates and workshops for housing professionals and landlords.  We also provide community space to post and promote links to other upcoming workshops or learning events with a focus on housing or homelessness topics.

Your participation is vital to the success of this new platform. Please tour the Workspace to learn more about it.  Contact our site moderators to recommend links to other relevant housing news, resources and training or events for posting on our site. Subscribe to our Community Forum and make a real-time difference in the community’s conversation about homelessness.

Now, let’s get going!

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