Ready for School Newcomer Connects Programs

Ready for School Connects (RfSC) provides newcomer children and their guardians with tools and resources to start school confidently for their first time and to have a smoothe transition into kindergarten.

RfSC delivers several two-week sessions throughout the summer and during which their child and themselves will learn what to expect while attending school in Canada. These sessions take place in actual classrooms, to experience what a kindergarten student life is like within the Canadian school system.

During the two week session newcomer parents gain insight and resources to feel confident and ready in September when sending their child to school through workshops that include topics such as:

  • Understanding how the Canadian School System works and how to be a part of it
  • How your child may develop
  • How to help your child succeed
  • Connect to other community-based programs and activities
  • What resources are available if your child needs additional supports

Registration Requirements:

● Participants have lived in Canada less than 5 years.
● Participants live or are registered to attend schools in the identified communities.
● Children are 4 years of age and enrolled in kindergarten.

How to contact us:

If you identify as Francophone and are seeking settlement services in French, please contact Centre Francophone directly Établissement | Centre Francophone

For additional information to francophone newcomer about settlement services, please click here: