Ready for School Connects Newcomer Programs?

Ready for School Connects (RfSC) provides newcomer children and their guardians with everything they need to start school confidently. RfSC runs in two-week sessions in the summer and will explain what to expect from school in Canada. Sessions take place in actual classrooms, so your child can experience
what student life is like. Topics include:

● How your child may develop
● How to help your children succeed
● Where to find support if your child experiences difficulties
● Where to connect with other community programs and activities

You can sign up for RfSC in February, during Kindergarten registration for sessions in July and August.

Registration Requirements:

● Participants have lived in Canada less than 5 years.
● Participants live or are registered to attend schools in the Crescent Town
Neighbourhood or Rose Avenue Junior Public School Neighbourhood.
● Children are 5 years of age and enrolled in a RfSC-participating kindergarten.

Phone: 416-686-3390 ext. 9788