About Us

For over 25 years, we have been a valued multi-service agency and a registered charity promoting community values and well-being for the East York East Toronto neighborhood. 

We perform a wide spectrum of relevant community work. Every year, thousands of children and adults attend our child and family drop-ins, parenting education programs, child care centers, prenatal nutrition, and education programs. Families and individuals turn to us for support to find and maintain housing, access food, and other essentials of life. By working in close collaboration with community partners, participants, clients, volunteers, and members, we are able to quickly identify emerging community needs and respond with new, innovative, and meaningful programs to fill the gaps.

EYET operates four early learning centres for infant, toddler, pre-school, and kindergarten-age children. Our child care centres provide a caring and creative environment where your children can experience growth physically, emotionally, socially, and intellectually.

Annie’s Place, Tom’s Place, Crescent Town School and Crescent Town Centre provide a happy, relaxed environment that fosters self-confidence, self-respect, and a feeling of security. At EYET, we accept every child for who they are – their strengths and challenges – and respect their individuality.

We complement the family’s home experience by working in partnership with parents and caregivers to ensure the best possible outcomes for them. We complement the family’s home experience by working in partnership with parents and caregivers to ensure the best possible outcomes for their children. We value and respect parents’ primary role as experts – their knowledge, skills, and insights. We model caring and respect for others and promote an inclusive and diverse environment. EYET utilizes an emergent curriculum approach to program planning.

Our Mission and Values

To provide programs, services, and resources that increase the well-being of individuals and families by engaging their strong and compassionate voices in developing and building the strength of our communities.

  • We act in the best interest of our communities
  • We respect the confidentiality of our community members
  • We work with and listen to members of our communities
  • We implement effective and efficient resource utilization
  • We encourage ongoing feedback and evaluation
  • We follow through on our commitments and follow up on requests
  • We seek out and learn from others in our field to ensure that our work remains relevant


Board Of Directors

Our Board of Directors is a dedicated group of volunteers from our community committed to building a healthy, safe, and successful neighbourhood.  If you are interested in becoming a Board Member, click here

Our Locations

EarlyON Child & family Centres

EarlyON Cosburn Site

Located within: St Luke Anglican Church
904 Coxwell Avenue

EarlyON Danforth Site

Located within: APOD
3079 Danforth Ave.

EarlyON Sackville Site

Located within: St. Paul Catholic School 80 Sackville St.

Licensed Childcare Centres

Tom’s Place

Located within: St. Paul Catholic Elementary School
80 Sackville Street, Room 105

Crescent Town Elementary School

Located within: Crescent Town School
4 Massey Square

Crescent Town Centre

Located at: 2 The Market Place

Annie’s Place

Located within: Secord Public School
101 Barrington Ave.

Housing Services

Housing Service Center

Located at: 1350 Danforth Ave

Latest News

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