Housing Help Services Certification

Landlord Engagement Network for Eviction Prevention Network (LEN)

Landlord Engagement Network sessions focus on providing no-cost access to education and information that can support tenants and housing workers engage more directly with landlords to secure long-term and affordable housing in the private market in Toronto. These sessions focus on strategies for landlord engagement, inviting subject matter experts from across the GTA to provide education and information on a range of topics that can support successful and meaningful engagement between housing professionals, tenants, and landlords.

Topics are offered on a rotating and changing basis, including (but not limited to):

  • Co-Creating Landlord Engagement Strategies for Housing Workers
  • Understanding Month-to-Month Tenancies
  • The Impact of Bill 184 on Tenant and Landlord Relationships
  • The Role of Tenant Associations in Landlord Engagement
  • The Privacy Interests of Landlords and Tenant
  • Making Realistic Repayment Agreements
  • Roommates and Leases
  • Community Mediation and Conflict Resolution
Ending a Tenancy Early – Landlord Engagement Workshop
Roommates and Leases – – Landlord Engagement Workshop
Community Mediation and Conflict Management – Landlord Engagement Workshop
LTB Mediation – Landlord Engagement Workshop

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