The Housing Help Services Certificate (HHSC) is a comprehensive professional development certificate that provides skills and competencies to housing professionals in order to serve clients more effectively within the housing and homelessness sector. Staff completing this certificate will benefit from up-to-date training in this specialized, housing-focused, area of service delivery. This training is best suited to housing professionals who are newer to their roles, having two years’ experience or less working as a service provider in the housing sector.  

Topics in the HHSC training include an introduction to housing help services, anti-oppression in housing service provision, harm reduction and housing, tenant and landlord rights and responsibilities, housing access, stability, and eviction prevention, mental health, and more.  

Taking this training will help participants be able to: 

  1. Respond proficiently to the needs of people accessing housing help services. 
  2. Provide appropriate follow-up support and/or referrals. 
  3. Provide informed approaches to a diverse set of clients. 
  4. Apply knowledge of housing-related legislation to housing work. 
  5. Translate best practice skills to everyday work with clients. 

The HHSC consists of eight half-days, twice per week. The training cost is $450 per participant, and you must be employed by an agency or organization within Toronto in order to register  


“It was a privilege to attend this housing training, and I am thankful that the opportunity fell into my lap. I am grateful to have EYET as a contact (as well as the colleagues I met here in the training). Thank you for providing training that is both foundational for new workers and refreshing for seasoned workers! We appreciate you immensely.” – Late Summer 2021 HHSC participant.

“I came to the training almost a housing worker “novice” but left better informed, more confident and better equipped.” – Spring 2021 HHSC participant