EarlyON Developmental Domain Series

EarlyON Developmental Domain SerieS Developmental Domain Activities Series 1 – Children learn to master different developmental domains daily. Find attached some great activity cards that you can print and play with your children at home. Please remember that every child develops at a different rate and each activity can be altered to meet the current stage […]

EarlyON Circle Time At Home

EarlyON Circle Time At Home Circle Time Animals: Circle time is an opportunity to bring groups of people together to sing songs, read stories and interact with one another. Please find attached a great example of an animal themed musical circle time that can be done at home with your family.   Circle Time Boday […]

EarlyON Resource Sheets

EarlyON Resource Sheets  All About Temperament:  By having an understanding of temperament and how to best support your child’s temperament style can help support the relationship the two of you share. Everyone has their own unique temperament. This article aims to explain the different sides of temperament, why understanding temperament is important. Block Play: With technology […]

EarlyON Child and Family Centres In Person Programing

EarlyON Child and Family Centres Welcome to your local EarlyON Child and Family Centre! All programs are free and designed to support children’s play and parents/caregivers in their role as children’s first teachers. Join us to explore early learning play activities and parenting information sessions. Enjoy snacks and participate in family literacy adventures.  EarlyON Cosburn […]

Community Conversations

Community Conversations Welcome to the EYET Community Conversations page.  The EYET Community Conversation series seeks to bring us together, to engage, to collaborate, to build community, and to share skills and strategies for facing the unique challenges that this pandemic has presented.   These Community Conversations focus on specific, relevant, and timely housing and homelessness related topics, and invite housing professionals, managers, […]

Landlord Engagement Network Workshop

Housing Help Services Certification Landlord Engagement Network for Eviction Prevention Network (LEN) Landlord Engagement Network sessions focus on providing no-cost access to education and information that can support tenants and housing workers engage more directly with landlords to secure long-term and affordable housing in the private market in Toronto. These sessions focus on strategies for […]

Best Practice Series (BPS)

Best Practice Series (BPS) Best Practice Series (BPS) The EYET Best Practice Series (BPS) consists of a diverse collection of 2-part, half-day training sessions held online. These virtual workshops are more advanced in subject-matter, and tend to go into more depth, covering a variety of specialized housing-related topics. These sessions are suited to any service […]

Fall 2023 Housing Help Services Certificate (HHSC)

Fall 2023 Housing Help Services Certificate (HHSC) The Housing Help Services Certificate (HHSC) is an online comprehensive professional development certificate that provides skills and competencies to housing professionals in order to serve clients more effectively within the housing and homelessness sector. Our training series aims to help housing professionals achieve better outcomes for homeless and […]

The Housing Help Services Certificate (HHSC) 

Housing Help Services Certification The Housing Help Services Certificate (HHSC) is a comprehensive professional development certificate that provides skills and competencies to housing professionals in order to serve clients more effectively within the housing and homelessness sector. Staff completing this certificate will benefit from up-to-date training in this specialized, housing-focused, area of service delivery. This training is best suited to housing professionals who are newer […]